The Chef

Julian Tailleur (1992), born & raised in Amsterdam.

”At the age of 16 I started working in restaurants. Quickly discovering the energy and passion as I was working in all sections of the kitchen. My curiosity grew every day and by the time I was 21 I wanted to do more than ‘just cook’, I wanted to produce something from scratch. Harvest it, clean it, cook it. Little did I know what adventure this was going to be.

I thought long and hard on what direction I was going to take this. On a holiday in France I found my answer, in French, written on a  little red sign warning me not to enter the forest due to a driven hunt taking place; I was going to become a hunter. Harvesting wild meat seemed like the right thing to do if I wanted to have a stronger connection with the products I used.

Not long after passing for my hunting exams I started working in an artisanal butchery in Belgium to understand the basics of anatomy and charcuterie.

Back in Amsterdam I continued working as a chef, always bringing in game to cook for the guests. Food with a story, I call it.

Now, after many years in the city, we decided to move to the Dutch countryside, where I have a place to hunt, work and receive guests in our little living room restaurant.”


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